Accommodating single parents at work

The bride and groom walk away and are crowded by "big people" - with the children left out of the immediate post ceremony celebration.When children tend to feel most left out is immediately after the ceremony.Children often can not express fears or doubts they have.As I have 6 children myself, I am very aware as to how much children will be an influence in the couple's life together.They also do not know what they are supposed to do after the ceremony ends. The couple should simply take a moment to hug their child/children, thank them for helping in the ceremony, and then telling them they are free to play. With many weddings, a good way to involve children (except very young) is to give each their own one-time use camera and have them take pictures they think are important.

It is generally best to give a child only one active role and also to be mentioned in the ceremony, rather than to actively involve a child at many different points throughout the ceremony.If children are coming into the marriage, there are many different ways to involve the children in the wedding ceremony itself.I believe it is very important that if children are coming into the marriage that they be recognized or participate in some aspect of the wedding ceremony itself.Occasionally, a couple will have the children asked, "Do you accept this family and the marriage?" Care should be taken in this decision, as sometimes the child is not completely comfortable with the marriage.

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