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* * * Lewis has almost finished his coffee and is thinking of moving on.

During the day, he relocates to a new Wi Fi cafe every four hours to prevent his computer being tracked. He is trying to cut down on working at night, which he has to do in his parents’ basement.

On his left, Lewis has an i Pad logged in to Telecomix’s chat room.

The forum uses encrypted Internet connections and servers owned by Telecomix members.

Lewis collects anonymous protest reports from his Syrian contacts, whose code names include “the Major,” and broadcasts them on Twitter.

His updates add to a grim thread of on-the-ground observations of security forces using machine guns and tear gas.

Kullenberg estimates that there are 20 full-time volunteers — the group does not make money and so does not pay wages — although many others dip in and out alongside day jobs.

Like many Telecomix members, he is nervous about the Syrian authorities tracing him or his contacts.

The Assad family has ruled Syria for four decades and uses entrenched networks of human informants, a pervasive fear of phone-tapping and, increasingly, online snooping to stifle free speech.

’ ” Telecomix is one of a clutch of Western groups trying to boost Internet freedom in the Middle East. Navy scientists, Tor is now a free and popular tool for “anonymizing” Internet connections.

Members of the Tor Project, based in Massachusetts, have this year held workshops for bloggers in Egypt and Tunisia. An e-mail or Web site search sent using this software bounces among several servers, often in different countries, before reaching its destination, thus disguising the user’s IP address.

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