Bi sexual chat with strangers

As she finished telling me this, I quickly reminded her that we had an agreement not to fool around with people we knew and would see regularly, and an agreement that she would not fool around without my approval.I made it very clear that I did not want her to fuck (or suck) Chad.We were drinking and enjoying the breeze and found ourselves there in the evening with no one left but the host. He was recently single and told us how glad he was for our company.As he made us another round of margaritas he suggested we soak in the hot tub. He and I jumped in and turned to watch Nikki as she approached, lifting her tank as she did so.

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After a few minutes she climbed out to go find the restroom.At no time was this more apparent than when we fought.Her indifference to my feelings and her willingness to intentionally inflict as much emotional harm as possible without remorse or regret were eye-opening and saddening.Once Nikki heard this, she seemed to open up fully, even going so far as to proclaim that she loved sex with two men more than sex with just me. We had had a few threesomes with different men, all organized by me. They had all been with strangers met online and carefully screened.The deal was that they were men who were no threat to our relationship, thus allowing me to experience the heightened horniness of seeing her with another man without also experiencing any insecurity that I might lose her or that she might care for the other man at all. We had agreed to go to an afternoon party a friend from her office was hosting on Saturday.

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