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Catalog record Selected information is available from the publisher's web site, including current and archived news stories of bank and thrift mergers and acquisitions, bank and thrift industry vital statistics, and directory information on covered banks, industry associations, and financial and legal advisors.

Previously the Merger and Acquisition Sourcebook (HD2746.5 . It also provides trend analysis by seller, type, deal size and industry as well as offering 25 years of summary M & A statistics, including average premium and price/earnings ratio.

Selected information is available from the publisher's web site, including current and archived news stories on mergers and acquisitions among financial service companies, vital statistics on the financial services industry, and directory information on covered specialty finance and investment companies.

Keith Wilson, Practitioners Publishing Company, 1999. Catalog record Takeovers, Restructuring, and Corporate Governance. Each book is sold on a regional basis: Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, North Central, Southwest, and West.

V3 G85 LC Control Number: 94648583 The guide was written to help you perform business valuations efficiently and accurately, including details on how to select and apply the appropriate valuation methods; write the valuation report – quickly and correctly; deal with a variety of engagements, such as FLPs, estates, and shareholder dissent and oppression actions. It includes bank and thrift transactions (Whole Institution, Branch, and all Other Asset Transactions).

SNL Securities and Sheshunoff also produces the

The entire BIZCOMPS data base is also available on disk and includes sales data on over 5,000 small business transactions from across the U. Database is searchable by SIC code, word search, sale size, price, date, and geographical area. Select Business Websites under Product Login on the main page. This database contains data collected by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) on cross-border M&A's. Pre-Merger/Hart-Scott-Rodino Act Trade Commission. Adventures in Mergers/Acquisitions & Joint Ventures (PA Letter, April 2002) a Merger? (Practicing CPA, March 1999) Research Guide: Mergers &Acquisitions. ID=516 Looking at MERGERS The Way Federal Regulators Do and Acquisitions - Research Guide #11 (University of Pennsylvania Library) and Acquisitions Research (University of Rochester. PAGE=1015 The following linked subject headings display entries from the Library of Congress Online Catalog that appear under the heading.

It is divided into four parts, including: The Daily Deal: . M4 D35 LC Control Number: 99004783 Covers the latest trends and influences impacting the buying and selling of businesses.

Designed for accountants, business appraisers, and business intermediaries, it is the most trusted source for small company comparables.

The new BIZCOMPS Analyzer, included with a subscription, bolsters a user’s confidence in subject company research like never before.

Catalog record Lists essential information on tens of thousands of announced and completed deals including: total purchase price, price paid per share, form of payment, division/unit purchased, parent company, acquiring company, type of transaction, SIC number and industry sector of target company and acquirer, price to earnings ratio, plus dozens of charts covering transactions by dollar amount and industry. Includes industry analysis by size, premium, and transaction multiples.

G555 LC Control Number: 2007202035 Joint publication with Harrison Lovegrove & Co. Catalog record Selected information is available from the publisher's web site, including current and archived news stories of isurance company mergers and acquisitions, insuance industry vital statistics, and directory information on covered companies. It also analyzes unit divestitures, management buyouts and certain asset sales.

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