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The strength of our nation is based on the solid foundation of our constitution.Any act to weaken our constitution is an act to weaken our country.Immigrants in Middle America were from Bhutan and Myanmar (known as Burma), South Central Asia.

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Marcelino Serna, April 26, 1896 - Feb 29, 1992, Most Decorated Texas WWI Hero Honored by U. House 1966 Martin High School, National Defense Cadet Corps (Jr. Representative Will Hurds bill to rename the Tornillo Port of Entry in El Paso County after Army Private Marcelino Serna, a Mexican immigrant who was the most decorated WWI Veteran from Texas.Without more citizens understanding the proper role of the President, and without rebuilding the constitutional forms and structures our Founders established in the Constitution, any progress wont long endure.Thats why, to help you deepen your understanding, Hillsdale College is offering their popular online course for free The Presidency and the Constitution.As the first President ever to hold the office without prior military or government service, Donald Trumps presidency is already unorthodox.He promised to drain the swamp, which reflects a desire to rid Washington of the corruption, cronyism, dishonesty, and lack of accountability that has become entrenched there.

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