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From the road, a chorus of screeches hints at what is hidden inside.South African authorities plan to clamp down on private ownership of some of the exotic species in Mills’s International Primate and Exotic Animal Association, but she says it is a safe haven for animals that would otherwise fall through the cracks.“People ask why I don’t set them free.In fact, the reason they are called that way, is largely because they are about the size of a human finger. Then check out these Funny Bathroom Posing Picture Fails Truth is that many of the finger monkey’s nicknames, derive from their diminutiveness.Furthermore, anytime you hold one of these little guys, they tend to hold onto your finger.It’s because they’re still being caught in the wild and sold [on the black market]. South and Central American monkeys—marmosets and tamarins—rule her mini-animal kingdom, a playful but vicious lot sporting untamed “rock star” hairdos and razor-sharp claws.

Finger monkeys are very real and can be found all over the world.

The money comes from her father, a steel-factory manager, and from her own pocket.

A beautician and sports therapist, she offers beauty treatments like manicures from her shop on site.

However, the trade of exotic species such as marmosets and tamarins is unregulated, although draft national legislation could soon change that, says Rick Allan, an inspector with South Africa’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Under the proposed law, registered animal sanctuaries could remain open but might face some restrictions on things like breeding programmes.

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