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Up until now, the question of whether Western or Japanese games were better was purely a matter of preference.

Some people enjoy brand new experiences – they like the quirky world, battle system and music of “The World Ends With You”, or the complete mindf*ckery of something like “Katamari Damacy”.

Bigger worlds, more realistic graphics, more weapons and modes and content!

Western games tend to be rather similar in nature (for example, “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare”, “Call of Duty: Black Ops III” and “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare” are so similar that they’re almost indistinguishable), but each one is bigger and more advanced than the last.

Remember when in 2014 Marvel announced release dates for all of their movies going forward 5 years?

Something similar happens with games, except it’s a lot less public, as games’ release dates tend to be a lot more finnicky and likely to be pushed back.

Anyway, my friends’ idiocy aside, there was another incident which happened pretty early on in the short’s lifespan which kind of helped boost its popularity even further, because as we all know controversy sells.

/r/anime is one of the biggest communities for sharing anime stuff around, and that’s because it’s a very tightly moderated subreddit (subforum of the social media site Reddit).

While a Western developer like Activision absolutely needs a “Call of Duty” every single year to maximize profits, even if most of those games aren’t that great, Japanese developers are cool with waiting for an absurdly long time.Off-topic threads get deleted pretty quickly, there are dedicated topics for each currently airing series, that kind of stuff.Overall, the moderators have been doing a pretty great job.If they don’t, they’ll just go the way of THQ and close their doors sooner or later.It’s lamentable, and the sad part is that there’s no real solution to this.

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