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Men's basketball, who won the NEAC championship in 2010-11, was the first team from Wells to participate in the NCAA Tournament.Additionally, the women's basketball team hoisted the NEAC Championship trophy and played against the reigning 2013-14 NCAA Division III Champions from FDU-Florham in the First Round of the NCAA Division III National Tournament.Prior to the 2007-08 academic year, the Express were invited to join the North Eastern Athletic Conference and compete against 14 other schools in the East Region.In joining the NEAC, Wells was able to compete for conference championships with the added benefit of receiving an automatic qualifier in select sports to participate in the NCAA tournament.It is our goal to maintain an accurate and up-to-date database of our student-athletes, both past and present.Please click on the button below to fill out the Alumnae/Alumni Questionnaire.Similar to the compulsive exerciser whose tireless adherence to fitness most people admire, many college athletes may be struggling beneath a veneer of social approval, achievement and physical prowess.So it's crucial to pay attention to the signs and symptoms of depression, no matter how athletic (or not) someone is.

Prior to 2005, the Express offered only six intercollegiate athletic sports - field hockey, softball, women's lacrosse, women's soccer, women's swimming and women's tennis.

While participating in group sports has been shown to improve our self-esteem, social skills, and mood, a new study finds that nearly a quarter of Division I sportsmen and women report symptoms of depression.

A team of researchers led by Kean University’s Andrew Wolanin and Drexel University’s Eugene Hong monitored the mood levels of 465 collegiate athletes over three years.

(And let's not forget injuries atop the general stress of adapting to a living environment that’s no longer mom and dad’s house.) The good news (kind of)?

Depression rates in the studied athletes weren’t all that different from depression rates across their nonathletic counterparts—i.e., college students at the northeastern university who weren't formerly involved in any sports.

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    People with low self-esteem don’t trust their judgment, don’t trust their gut instincts, and are afraid of being wrong.

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