Dating scam london personal number

This is a common scam and your bank would never ask you to do this.

A scammer may call you claiming to be from the helpdesk of a well-known IT firm, such as Microsoft.

Alternatively, they may say your money or your bank account is at risk if you don't give them the information they need right away.

These tactics are designed to pressure you but don't be rushed into doing something you're not sure about.

This is a call from someone claiming to be from your bank telling you there’s a problem with your card or account.

If you're unsure whether the caller is genuine, you can always ring the company or bank they claim to be from.

This is a call from a company asking about a car accident you’ve had and offering you compensation.

Some of these could be genuine companies looking for business but others are scammers. If you’ve had an accident, call your own insurance company on the phone number provided on your policy. HMRC would never contact you this way and would never ask you to reveal personal financial information such as your bank account details.

They may also advise transferring your money to a ‘safe account’ to protect it, which can lead to loss of money.

The caller will often sound professional and try to convince you that your card has been cloned or that your money is at risk.

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