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The night before you are to meet, you get a panicked email from her, supposedly from an Internet caf in Moscow. But I would not want to repeat destiny of my parents.The story is that the tourist visa requires her to have "flash money" of 00 US. That is money you can show the authorizing agent (customs office, visa office, casino - if you are traveling to one at their expense) to prove you are not a hobo destitute person. As to my family I live together with my mum and younger brother Sergey. I want that my children never have tested divorce of the parents and I shall apply all forces that my marriage was strong and happy. In the summer here there are lots of greenery, flowers, fountains, public parks.

The flight numbers and times really exist, so she does her homework. We often see of each other, and I do not feel yourself by the unfortunate and deprived child.With each letter I would like to be closer and closer to you.I am pleased to receive your lovely letters and such kind and romantic words. I would like to open for you all my soul and heart, to present you all my tenderness and love.I am ready to assist the investigation in any way they need me to assist.I am lounging this application as an official statement and request to prosecute the criminal or criminal group hiding behind this fraud operation.

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