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Nearby Undo Cave preserves very rich faunal remains at the front of the cave dominated by cave bear in association with Middle Palaeolithic stone tools.In addition, the existence of a 47 m deep karstic pit has been identified well within the cave system, preserving rich faunal and anthropological materials currently under study.The open-air site is well known for its Gravettian finds, including the recovery of two human tooth fragments, abundant stone tools and flakes, bone artefacts and jewellery, and rich faunal materials.Recent excavations have reached depths of over 2 m below the main cultural bearing horizon.

For an in depth discussion of the site and its discovery, see this article written by Tam Ward and Alan Saville in the journal .Our collaborator for this work was Jacek Kabaciński (Institute of Archaeology, P. New evidence in the form of Late Upper Palaeolithic stone tools have recently been reported at Howburn Farm, near Biggar, Lanarkshire.The new finds suggest that Upper Palaeolithic people ventured north into what is now Scotland in the Lateglacial period.These Central European sites represent the northern extent of the current WP-1 sampling programme.Next we traveled to western Slovakia to visit the early Upper Palaeolithic sites of Dzerava skala Cave, Certova Pec, Ivanovce, and Nove Mesto nad Vahom.

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