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While in the previous film, Marion and her boyfriend (played by real-life ex Adam Goldberg) were visiting her hometown in France and dealing with the consequences of culture clash and the difficulties of adult relationships, here she is in her adopted home of New York, her family invading the settled life she has created with her son and new boyfriend, Mingus.STORY: Julie Delpy Wants Woody Allen to Star in New Project ' Virgo Rising' Mingus is played by Chris Rock, who, in thick black framed glasses and Park Slope intellectual wardrobe, is a revelation in a role completely different than his brash standup comedy persona or usual outspoken, wise-cracking movie parts.

An African American ex-football player falls in love with a Las Vegas showgirl.

’ And he called me back two hours later and said ‘Yes, Chris would be remotely interested in working with you, so keep on going, write a good script, and he’ll do it.’ So it was pretty straightforward.

THR: A lot of people have been saying, ‘Finally, someone figured out how to use Chris Rock.’ Have you heard that? People were surprised that he actually plays the straight man.

Later, his son falls in love with the daughter of one of his Chinese immigrant workers.

After his family decides to take his money for college away from him, a rich kid pretends to be African-American to win a minority scholarship offered by Harvard University, only to discover that upon getting there that he has fallen for another student, who was supposed to be the actual recipient of the scholarship.

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