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Catholic Church name: Unknown, Branch of Ungarisch-Petschka.

Between 1770 - 1771 the old village was subject to colonization by German General Johann Altringen, a period in which the entire Banat is subject to colonization by Germans.

Janssonius had acquired the plates of the Civitates orbis terrarum from Abraham Hogenberg. For many plates of the cities of the Netherland, Janssonius ordered copper plates, newly engraved after the orininals by Blaeu. Alt-Paulisch (German) Paulisch (German) Neu-Paulisch (German)Paulits (Josephinische) Plos (Hungarian) paulis (Hungarian) plos (Hungarian) Paulis (Hungarian) Păuliş (Romanian) Paulişul Vechiu (Romanian) j-paulis (Romanian) Păulisul Nou, Romania (Official) (German)Altpetschka (German)Pcska (Hungarian) Pecska (Josephinische) pcska (Hungarian) Olhpcska (Hungarian) Romnpcska (Hungarian) Rcpcska (Hungarian) Magyarpcska (Hungarian) Rovine (Other)Pecica Ungureasc Coordinates: 4610' N 2104' E.

Edited by Philipp Lung and HTML Version by Rudy Kirchner, Kanada Available online for self lookup: Neumannsche settlement resulted in 1770 establishing the following villages: Kleinjetscha, Heufeld, Mastort, Marienfeld, Albrechtsflor and 1771 settlements for Berksowatals: Buchberg, Neuhof, Altringen, Charlottenburg, Knigshof, Blumenthal and the villages of the Arader Land Segenthau, Wiesenhaid, Kreuzsttten and the French villages Sankt-Hubert, Seultour und Charleville.Situated 25 kilometres (16 mi) from Arad, the town Pecica is a new urban settlement.The administrative territory of the town extends in the Aradului Plateau, it adheres three rural settlements: Bodrogu Vechi, Sederhat and Turnu.After World War II, as a consequence of the war events, the German population fled from the village and it was then populated by new Serb and Macedonian settlers. It is composed of five villages: Albina (Hungarian: Brdpuszta), Moşniţa Nouă, Moşniţa Veche, Rudicica and Urseni.Altlez Site: 3doerfer.[German/English by Barbara Hebenstreit]. The excellent coloured engraving shows the city of Palanka in Hungaria. It is situated in the Bela Crkva municipality, South Banat District, Vojvodina province. This wonderful view was published in the Janssonius town books in 1650.

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