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On the negative side: It induced a terrible headache to the point i needed strong pain killers and felt literally ill, and checked myself everyday for the negative effects yes this scent was the culprit. I don't find them alike but there are some similarities for sure.And for the similarity, it has a 95% (or more) similarity with the "Dunhill Icon Elite" (The black bottle). Overall I own this, Encre Noire A L`Extreme& the sport version as well and I'm more than happy with the smell and their performance too.I am an awkward customer for Encre Noir - a youngish woman with a hatred of dominant, stinky, overmasculine vetiver. it's extremely similar "95%" to Woody by Rasasi in smell and performance, and very close to Desquared he wood 2 which i own both of them. Average sillage for me, i dont know if my bottle was well stored. A previous review said this isn't a fragrance, but rather a mood. Sadly, I just can't find a time or place to wear it.So it's a tribute to EN that I can even stand it on my skin, never mind that it intrigues me and makes me see new facets of the smell. It is an odd one, and if you find this challenging, may I suggest bearing with it. That bottle too, with its wooden lid that CLICKs into place! update: the similarity between EN and woody i mentioned above on papers. By the way I catch no cypress(green) nor vetiver(earth), I think the combination is smoke, lots of smoke(incense), woods, ginger and lime (there's definitely lime here somewhere), well that's my opinion. If you're an "I wear fragrances for me" guy and you like dark, ethereal scents, this will work for you. Don't wear it for birthdays / anniversaries / weddings. this only works for gloomy, introspective, rainy days in the heart of a forest in the Pacific northwest. As a serial people-pleaser, this is hard to work with.It stays long on my skin,the last notes are little bitter. interesting tidbit- I was at bath & body works earlier today and found a fragrance there called "the fragrance experiment black" which rang my nose bell for encre if you can imagine EN with the woodiness toned down somewhat and a sorta dusty vanilla/dry violet floral thrown in that's what you've got here. i thought it was a total oddity since 90% of bath & body works women's stuff smells like candy flowers and berries. I knew it was jogging a memory and i finally remembered what it was reminding me of.

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I finally completed a week with my blind bought bottle from a trusted supplier ; First the positives : I liked it very much, it's not generic, not mainstream, not for everybody, mainly a cold weather scent.

It's almost gentle, and the way it shades into a real inky smell at the end is really admirable. When it's raining and everything is in a grayscale, EN is a perfect filler. This is a gem, well balanced, long lasting, and the price is great too. What you're left with is a mature, manly fragrance that has people coming sniffing you. I bought Lalique because I read about its darkness and woodiness. I super like the smell, a mysterious and dark, absolutely for more sad cold days (not sunny). Silage is starting quite strong but turns to mild fast, which is ok, as you don't smell the whole room with it, but strong enough to be noticed. I am 27 and like it and I will wear it often, but I would not wear it just a few years ago when I was in college. I think I know why I love it so much - it reminds me of Comme des Garcons fragrances, which are some of my favorites. I had to pretty much take a bath in it to get decent projection and some longevity, but at bucks online that isn’t the end of the world. And while I sometimes wish it were more approachable, I still respect it as a genuinely beautiful and authentic fragrance that stands alone amidst a sea of followers. Therefore, I suggest do not over apply this fragrance because it becomes extremely synthetic if you over-spray. With many fragrances I often get better longevity spraying my shirt.

I had expected this to be almost acrid, butchy, moody, darkly spicy thing, but no - instead it's oddly reminiscent to me of Byredo Bal d'Afrique, all outdoorsiness and wide open spaces. Nonetheless, sometimes it's too edgy, especially when I'm in a good mood. Imagine a pale, serious youth had gone out to write some poems in the woods in late Autumn. it is a nice woody smell,but after a couple of days i got bored very quickly,not daily use ı think,at least for me,i gave it to my father and realised that he smells more sexy than i am :) it can be use on the cold winter days,it is not a blind buy i think. Projection off 4 sprays is around 4 hours, on my skin it lasts for ages. It could last a bit longer though, but this is a problem for most perfumes on me, lasting only a few hours. So, concerning the price (low) and the unique dark smell (as other stated, you like it or not), I would definitely recommend it. This one smells like a combination of Cd G 2 and Hinoki, but wetter, and mossy... It's a perfect man's fragrance on a cool, rainy fall day or evening as many have suggested. Some people can smell this wonderful fragrance all day on themselves. But with Encre Noire it does not make any difference whether I spray my chest (skin) or my clothing.

may be someone who has all three can try to layer them and share his experience with me Awesome. Starts off a bit minty with some pine needles - a real out of the shower freshness. Solid performance - probably around 6 hours which isn't bad for an EDT these days. Absolutely walking the tightrope between love(or at least admiration) and hate for this one. There's never a time or place where this would be the go-to scent. The ink, while slightly synthetic, balances out the profile.

This might be the one scent which could win me over to vetiver as a primary ingredient; yet on the other hand I'm still deeply ill at ease with it. I don't want to diminish the quality by saying this is only for goths, vampires, or mascara aficionados. The overall effect is atmospheric like nothing else I know.

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