Ijtp online dating

Drenth The INTP personality type is the most independent and philosophical of the 16 types.

Many enjoy exploring unifying theories and metaphysical truths that explain the underlying nature of things.

Each personality type prefers four of the eight functions first described by Jung.

These four functions make up the “functional stack.” The relative strength of preference for these four functions is expressed in the following manner: dominant, auxiliary, tertiary, inferior.

Like the INFP, INTPs can be slow to disclose the contents of their inner world.As strange as it may seem to other types, INTPs often conceal some of their most dominant personality features, namely, their highly cerebral and rational side.It may only be a select few who are granted full access to this side of the INTP.Like other introverts, INTPs can be anxious and self-conscious characters.It is not uncommon for them to display a handful of nervous habits, or at least some sign that they are not at ease.

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