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In 2001, she accepted the position as full-time Director of Religious Education.Over these years, I have faced many difficult, family challenges.So being part of Our Lady of Perpetual Help is sharing friendships together, supporting one another and growing closer to God together.Have you ever had something happen to you that was so good that you immediately needed to share it with others?This might sound strange for Catholics, but this is exactly what we were made to do. Being a disciple means following Jesus in such an intimate way that his way of thinking, loving, being, doing and acting becomes our way of thinking, loving, being, doing and acting.We don't want anyone to miss out on the great story of God's love for them. Becoming a disciple of Jesus is a lifelong process that begins with Baptism and continues in a daily recommitment to him.I LOVE every chance that I have to share with others that Faith is the only way to face heartache, trauma or tragedy and Trust in the Lord is the pathway to peace and real joy. I cannot imagine a work setting that would not allow me as much freedom to fully express who I am. She completed her Master’s Degree in Religious Education from Felician College in 2007.

Their outreach to those who are in need especially the poor, sick and dying are most inspiring. The warm welcome of parishioners immediately drew her to service.Growing up in the faith and having that nurtured in college, Fr. Upon moving back to Maryland in 2002 I found my spiritual home at OLPH, first as a school for our children and parish for our family, then as a volunteer and finally, as a staff member. My fellow parishioners bring out the best in me, inspire me to love more, and serve generously.John discerned his vocation in his senior year of college. They have been the hands and face of Jesus to us and true witnesses to what it means to serve in love.My Dad is my hero because he has taught me patience, faith, and hope.Jesus is his constant companion and he has modeled for me a true relationship with the Lord.

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