Intimidating sex

(This is what Clinton had advised Flowers to do in a taped conversation.) Then, Flowers admitted to a 12-year affair.

interview with Bill as he delivered a lawyerly denial of the 12-year allegation (he later admitted having sex with Flowers once).

The rules for poppy sellers, which are enforced by local councils, state that it is illegal for collectors to 'harass people' or act in a way that could be seen as 'aggressive'.

Hillary joined strategy sessions over what verbiage to use in the interview.

After Bill’s election, state troopers told of how they had procured women for him, and one of the procured was Paula Jones.

Poppy sellers from the Royal British Legion have been banned from shaking their collection tins in case they are seen as a 'public menace'.

Asking anyone if they want to buy one and even approaching people have also been declared illegal.

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