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Apparently the Sages attributed the repeated bleeding during copulations to the repeated rupture of the regenerated hymen.

Another Sweet Baby One who is under [eleven] or over [twelve] must carry on her marital intercourse in a normal manner; so R. But the Sages ruled: The one as well as the other carries on her marital intercourse in a normal manner and mercy will be vouchsafed from heaven, for it is said in Scripture, The Lord preserveth the simple.

In the world of the Talmud Sages, grown men have sexual intercourse with girls younger than three years old.

The young girls are wounded and bleed from the activity, but the Talmud Sages were of the opinion that in one so young, virginity comes back: "Intercourse with her is like putting a finger in the eye," (Niddah 44b) and the tears come back again and again.

Homosexuality is only a capital offense when committed between consenting adult males.

Talmud law also authorizes adult men to have sexual intercourse with girls three years old and younger. (15) Married in 1999, these consenting adults would be put to death under Talmud law.

Moreover, the number two objection that parents had to Jewish camps after cost was the concern that their children should be exposed to “all kinds of kids, not just Jewish kids.” While certainly some parents may be looking to make a shidduch for their little ones at summer camp, most just want their kids to have fun.

Male circumcision among newborns is an ancient ritual for Jews and Muslims that has become a wide-spread public health measure in the U. Read the latest edition of the Cleveland Jewish News anytime on your desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Jewish law in particular surprises and delights moderns, because it not only suggests solutions, but teaches how complex moral issues can be attacked and dissected.

"For over three thousand years Jewish tradition and Jewish law have been unambiguous about homosexuality: it is a sin," (9) states Rabbi Lapin.

However, Rabbi Lapin fails to quote the Talmud law, which makes it clear that male homosexuality is not an offense if the adult man uses a boy below the age of nine years and a day.

Laura admits that she is a novice when it comes to the Jewish view of things. She professes astonishment at her lack of support from Orthodox Jewish quarters.

'Sometimes during a break I call Rabbi Bryski and say, "I have ten seconds; here's the situation. 'I have been disappointed at how silent the Orthodox community has been.

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