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Maryland’s goodwill ambassador, the Pride of Baltimore II, is a replica of this class of vessel.

During the war of 1812, the American naval war effort was supported by the extensive use of Baltimore Clippers that were commissioned as “privateers”.

The Port of Baltimore nationally ranks 15th in total tonnage, and first in Roll-on/Roll-off cargo, and third in Automobiles.

More than 125,000 jobs in Maryland are related to the maritime industry.

In 1881, the Maryland Pilots introduced the first steamer in the world, exclusively built for piloting.

Ships longer than 3 football fields and nearly 48‘ deep routinely transit the narrow ship channels leading to Baltimore that are only 50' in depth. Pilots are on the “front lines” protecting the environmental and ecological balance of the Chesapeake Bay by ensuring the safe passage of these large ships that carry huge quantities of oil and other hazardous liquids.

In many cases, only one marriage-partner is a child, usually the female.

Causes of child marriages include poverty, bride price, dowry, cultural traditions, laws that allow child marriages, religious and social pressures, regional customs, fear of remaining unmarried, illiteracy, and perceived inability of women to work for money.

Bay and Docking Pilots are selected in a fair and competitive process; open to anyone…the State Boards of Pilots are required by statute to select the best qualified applicant.

Maryland Pilots have been instrumental in creating minority opportunities by being one of the first national pilot associations to welcome African-American and female members.

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