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Resonator B consists of a cavity of tunable length ~200 ± 50 mm and diameter 32.7 mm, and a mass-loaded membrane of the same type as in A.Tunable metasurfaces mimicking EIT-like effects have only previously been demonstrated for electromagnetic systems, appropriate here since the characteristic geometrical parameters are small compared with our acoustic wavelengths (λ~0.68 m).

If, in the uncoupled state, A and B are set to have the same resonance frequency, the coupling through the cavity C removes the degeneracy and results in a split resonance response and a consequent sharp phase dispersion. These relations yield the acoustic-amplitude transmission coefficient: An analytical expression for T can be obtained from the particle velocity by solving the coupled equations of motion for the system, Eqs.To achieve this we use an acoustic system consisting of a tunable meta-atom made up of two coupled resonators., showing analytically that metasurfaces producing a phase discontinuity for monochromatic waves also engender an abrupt displacement for passing wavepackets.This analysis applies to both electromagnetic and acoustic waves.The acoustic waves from the source propagate along the duct, through the meta-atom, and are absorbed at the other end.Resonator A is made from an 80 mm section of 15.5 mm inner-diameter tube with a thin (~10 μm thick) tensioned polyethylene membrane at one end.

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