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A handful of entrepreneurs has realised that in the business of love, India could be where the proverbial rainbow touches the ground.There is no data on the online dating business in India , but globally, it is worth billion (Rs 22,184 crore)."We offer a variety of options, from free, to monthly subscriptions, to our popular pay-as-you-go model," says Dharamshi of Two Users can buy a bucket of mangoes - the site's virtual currency - and use them to do various things on the site."Our events are highly interactive and are not available to the public," he says.Membership is usually based on referrals, which makes it one of the rare services where women are in a strong majority."We have zero tolerance for anything that hurts our community," says Sachs of

"We both come from traditional, conservative cultures and are now embracing a more progressive view on many things - in this case, dating, relationships and marriage." She says dating sites have been around in China for over a decade, while India is just getting started.Users pay upwards of Rs 390 a month or Rs 2,650 a year.On, users can buy points to ensure better profile exposure and use premium features.A couple of years after was launched in 2008, US-based Adam Sachs, Dan Osit and Kevin Owocki found that their website was popular in India."We had never anticipated this, so we decided to focus on India," says Sachs, who is now based in Mumbai. our analysis predicts that by the end of 2014 it will be more than 0 million a year."The dating site that he originally started for New Yorkers now has 4.5 million registered users, of which 95 per cent are in India.

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