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Staroe i novoe v mamontovoy sud'be // Nauka i Zhizn', 7, 2004.

The following conclusions were made: the explosions of hydrolaccoliths and emergence of the craters of gaseous discharge belong to the same group of processes – physical explosions of natural origin; preparation of explosive processes in permafrost passes through several stages; in preparing explosions of natural origin in permafrost, a significant role is played by the migration of gas fluids.

A new approach towards the theory of the crater of gaseous discharge is proposed.

DOI: 10.7256/2453-8922.2017.4.25094 URL: The subject of this research is the natural explosive processes into cryolithic zones. The authors meticulously examine the groups of the natural explosive processes in the territory of distribution of permafrost.

The determination of isotopic composition of oxygen and hydrogen of ice were conducted using the mass spectometer Delta-V; radiocarbon dating of the peat carried out in laboratory of archeological technology of the Institute of Material Culture of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Etude de formes periglaciaires de soulevement au gel au Nunavik (Quebec nordique), Canada // These de doctorat en cotutelle presentee a la Faculte des etudes superieures de l Universite Lavai, Quebec dans le carded u programme de dodtoart en sciences geographiques pour lobtention du grade de Philosophac Doctor (Ph.

In Proceedings of the 4th Canadian Permafrost Conferences, Calgary, AB, Canada, 26 March 1982; p Budantseva N. From the bottom of the shaft using the electric ice auger MORA-ICE was drilled the wellbore in frozen peat and the underlying frozen loam, as well as selected the ice lenses.

Degradation of mammoth fauna at the turn of Pleistocene and Holocene was significantly affected by the following: rapid increase of zonality of the natural environment with reduction in the area of intrazonal landscapes; disruption of the patterns of seasonal and long-term migration of Pleistocene animals, primarily most vulnerable to changes in ration of the large mammals; amalgamation of the resource-viable zoocenosis that led to degradation of grazing lands and disruption of trophic chain.

— The problems of Pleistocene fauna: thermokarst as a factor of mammoths extinction // Arctic and Antarctica. The role of anthropogenic factor of mammoths extinction is being evaluated.

DOI: 10.7256/2453-8922.2017.4.24561 URL: This article examines the argumentation of the main hypothesis of disappearance of the large Pleistocene fauna.

The article suggest several original hypothesis of mammoths extinction that are based on the principles of biospheric evolution and catastrophism. Povtorno-zhil'nye l'dy doliny reki Mayn i rekonstruktsiya zimnikh paleotemperatur vozdukha yuzhnoy Chukotki 38-12 tysyach let nazad // Kriosfera Zemli, t.

The work provides characteristic to the four phases of preparation of the natural explosive processes, considers various scenarios of such in cryolithic zone, as well as creation of the model of the heat and mass transfer processes alongside tense and distorted situation in permafrost that contain gas hydrated in terms of temperature variation and pressure. Pingo Growth and collapse, Tuktoyaktuk Peninsula Area, Western Arctic Coast, Canada: along-term fi eld study // Geographie physique et Quaternaire.

The authors demonstrate the gradualism of processes of preparing the explosive process that formed the Yamal Crater, as well as calculate the pressure of ejection of the frozen layer in emergence of the Yamal Crater.

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