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At Awake Dating, you're free of judgment, says the site's founder, whereas “your family, former friends and colleagues will prefer to brand you as 'cracked' for speaking what you perceive as truths.” Even conspiracy theorists need love.

In the new show, technology has conquered the last frontier: decoding true love.

"Going back into where my head was at – it's really bonkers." The stacks of paper – which include handwritten lyrics on hotel stationery, instructions for the use of an inhaler ("Try very hard not to panic") and drawings of airplanes, helicopters, cars, escalators and other modes of transport – reveal the innermost thoughts of a 27-year-old who was beginning to crack after living on a tour bus for four years in a row. "The claustrophobia – just having no sense of reality at all."To most listeners, lyrics about nasty car accidents, airplane crashes, paranoid androids and alien abductions, not to mention a sinister-sounding robot declaring that man was little more than "a pig in a cage on antibiotics," tapped into a general sense of unease about the oncoming 21st century – and the frightening, exponentially accelerating rate of technological innovations, as beepers became cellphones and computers became vessels for news and pornography.

A formal diagnosis of PPD requires a mental health professional to identify 4 out of the above 7 criteria as positive.Faced with a similar incident at Glastonbury in 1997, Yorke stormed offstage, "ready to kill," at the end of the show. "I'd love to tell you a joke, lighten the mood, something like that," he told the crowd."But this is Radiohead, so fuck it." (Still, he says, "It was literally like one of those recurring nightmares – you're playing your guts out and you realize no one can hear you.")Yorke has spent a lot of time confronting his old nightmares – and his old self – recently.According to the Awake Dating is focused on pairing up people who identify as being “awake,” which Jarrod Fidden, the COO of Awake Dating, says is “one who has investigated and come to his or her own conclusions on a collection of topics and issues.And through this research and critical thinking, [he] has ‘woken’ from the fantastic false dream carefully crafted for the ‘consumer.'” It can get lonely being an anarchist or living off the grid in a bunker -- and Awake Dating wants to change that.

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