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Upon the change of a User’s e-mail address, mailing address, telephone or fax number, the User shall complete the following whenever such a change occurs: • Electronically file a Notice of Change of Address in all the User’s pending cases; • Update the User’s email address in CM/ECF Maintain User Account; and • Update the User’s mailing address, telephone and fax numbers in CM/ECF Maintain User Account. The Clerk’s Office will only associate the address change with those specific cases in which you have filed a Notice of Change of Address. If you are unable to change your address in CM/ECF for any reason, please submit your request in writing to Attorney Admissions (Click here to email the Attorney Admissions) and your information will be updated.If the system does not allow the User to update the mailing address, the Attorney Admissions Clerk will update the information upon the filing of a Notice of Change of Address in all the User’s pending cases. Non-ECF Users: Electronic filing is mandatory in this District.Needed for people who work in hotels, clubs and nightclubs.RSA by Email/Correspondence Course SITHFAB002 Provide responsible service of alcohol Our Responsible service of alcohol course is valid in New South Wales, Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland. No classroom, no travel, no giving up your day off! Save We are industry professionals that each year help over 4000 students gain their RSA and RCG qualifications.SPECIAL * RSA 0 RCG 0 Charlestown, Maitland and Nelson Bay.Dubbo RSA 0 RCG 0 Email RSA only 0 We have been teaching these courses for 13 years... Responsible service of alcohol is a compulsory course for all people who sell or supply alcohol.Emoji are pictographs (pictorial symbols) that are typically presented in a colorful form and used inline in text.They represent things such as faces, weather, vehicles and buildings, food and drink, animals and plants, or icons that represent emotions, feelings, or activities.

The presentation at the top right gives an overview of Unicode emoji.

There isn’t a voice-over, so click on the gear to open the speaker notes.

The Unicode Emoji Subcommittee is a subcommittee of the Unicode Technical Committee operating under the Technical Committee Procedures.

Our course is valid in New South Wales, Northern Territory, Western Australia and Queensland.

Our course is NSW Office of Liquor and gaming approved, and includes the competency card.

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