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The charming imp reward was also added with a cost of 100,000 tokens.On 10 September 2013, the Daemonheim Tasks were released.Dungeoneering/Construction could be used within Dungeoneering to build facilities in the starting room, such as altars or cooking ranges.On 19 August 2010, the members-only Occult floors were released with Dungeoneering requirements from 71 up to and including 93, making a total floor count of 47.The skill is trained entirely within the dungeons of Daemonheim, although experience can be gained from rewards such as XP lamps.This separates the skill's training from the rest of Gielinor.The update also made keys shared between all party members, again without use of the inventory.Finally, raw resources were made stackable, and most stackable items were given a drop-x option, including coins.

The update also included two new resource dungeons, offering access to edimmus, the Motherlode maw, and, once per day, a Gorajo card that may be taken into a dungeon and activated to produce various gameplay-changing effects.

Shortly after the release of Dungeoneering, the skill was changed so that parties on free-to-play servers whose average combat level was between 90 and 138 were subject to a -50% experience penalty.

This even remained in effect between 20 November 2012 and 14 July 2014, when the maximum combat level was 200.

As Dungeoneering is trained primarily in Daemonheim, players need to travel to its location on a huge peninsula off the east coast of the Wilderness.

Fortunately, the peninsula itself is not actually in the Wilderness, is safe, and can be safely reached in three out of four options: Note: The Gorajan trailblazer outfits or outfit pieces do not need to be worn or in the inventory for a player to gain bonus experience.

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