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As you can see mine vary from week to week however they say below 140bpm is a boy and above is a girl!Mine generally on average is 140ishbmp and been told to expect a girl at 3 seperate scans so maybe there is some truth in it but I wouldnt depend on it 100% they say that if the heartbeat sounds like a train its a boy, and if it sounds like a horse walking, its a girl.Closing the door (locking it) is a good option as I dont feel its a good thing to make live in front of the child as the kid is too small to understand and may want to try to copy the behaviour.I have a toddler, and when my Husband and I want to have sex we wait until his nap time.That are able and willing to explain even a very small child, what sex is (not only the biological way, but emotional reasons).Day time: I think, the best method is to wait for the child to be asleep .Hi, my SIL was told she was prob expecting a girl 'cause of the fast heart rate and it was a girl too! I did but I know that it differs from place to place (whether you can find out or not, that is! when i was pregnant with my daughter the midwife said at a general apt ... I told her my scan said it was a girl so she sent me to the day unit for an hour of fetal monitoring so there must be some truth...however there was nothing wrong and i did have a girl!!!!!hi when i was pregnant with my son before we found put we were having a boy, the midwife said she thought it could be a boy as when we listened to the heartbeat it sounded like a train.

Cos even if you guess randomly, your gonna be right 50% of the time if your see what i mean lol!I really dont mind the sex at all but I dont want to get excited one way or the other before I know for sure IYSWIM Load of rubbish imo My bumps HB has been the following...142-160 @ 16wks 130-142 @ 20wks 150-157 @ 24wks 129-135 @ 26wks 131-153 @ 27wks 140-144 @ 31wks 120-138 @ 34wks 146-167 @ 36wks 145-155 @ 39wks All depends if your baby is resting or active at the time of monitoring Same as us when we rest our heart rate slows and when we move it speeds up!So waiting for the children to be asleep or out of the house clearly is the easiest solution.¹) By “non-prude” I mean parents, that have no problem to be naked in front of their children.

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