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When caring for any plant indoors – watering, pest control, and light are all important but – light – is at the top of the pothos plant success list.For Pothos natural but bright indirect light would be my preference.It rarely gets a pest or disease, it is easy to propagate, and best of all, it can grow in just about any lighting situation -- from dark corners to bright windowsills. Let it gracefully hang from a basket, crawl its way around the expanse of a room, cover a trellis or simply drape onto a table.It does just as well on its own as it does in a mixed planting.

If the plant receives too little water the leaves will begin to wilt; older leaves often turn a bright yellow.Now Pothos when exposed to direct sun or too much light will slowly lose that rich, lush color – and slowly turn a pale green.Watering houseplants or more correctly over watering is second to light in plant care success. How much water and how often depend on many factors: As a general rule check the soil.When the plant is over watered, and the soil stays wet the roots will rot.In turn, the leaves begin to wilt, and the leaves lose their healthy look turning to a pale dull green color.

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