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All but the last were easy to find described on the web. This booklet of 10 plus 72 pages came out at the same time as Thiele's Der Lateinische sop des Romulus. He shows them--I do not understand how--that he, not they, draws them closer together. Here we learn why hippos and elephants do not go into gardens where there are spiders. My Abracadabra copy has "Third Grade" pencilled in, and that is about the appropriate age for the stories.

I am happy to bring this book into the collection because it could become hard to find for future researchers.1910 Fabeln des Lateinischen sop: Fr bungen Ausgewhlt. Here he shortens the introduction to a helpful five pages and selects twenty-four fables just as they are presented -- together with variants, parallel texts, notes, and commentary --in the larger book. The book is in good condition.1910 Fables from Afar. The fifty-eight fables are divided into four sections ("Tales from the East," "Tales from the West," and so on), but I am unable to sense the division or identify the sources.

The title-reference here is to the story of the kid who dances before he will die (69). "The Lamb and the Wolf," which would fit with this picture, occurs 26 pages later on 90. The texts of the ninety-eight fables (plus "Aesop's Statue") themselves occur on 8-306 after 238 pages of introduction.

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I am surprised to see a book with mostly traditional fables begin with TT; in it, the tortoise's only motivation is indicated by the ducks: "to see the world." The evil frog is out from the start to play a joke on the unsuspecting mouse in FM (13); their purpose is to enjoy a holiday, and there is not a first phase in the mouse's territory.

They are slightly smaller proportionally here than in that Weir edition, which I have listed under "1910?

Here, as there, Cooke's illustrations include LM, TH, DM, DS, BF, FG, "The Kid and the Wolf," and DLS.

The image of "The Hunter and the Farmer" (31), a story not often illustrated, is expressive. .50 from Tressa Hall, Tallahassee, FL, through Ebay, April, '00.

This book makes a brave show of the wrong-headed telling of "The Horse and the Wolf" (46), in which the wolf decides to try to convince the horse that the latter must need a doctor. See my similar copy of this book under the same title and date, received from Sherry Carroll.

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