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"The altar was the most beautiful memento of our day," says Amber.

It also set the stage for her favourite part of the occasion - arriving on horseback to meet her groom. "I thought I'd be more nervous but it was a lot of fun." Following their first kiss as husband and wife, the bride and groom saddled up and galloped away - if not quite into the sunset, at least toward the reception. " CLICK THE IMAGE FOR THE GALLERY: Kicking up their heels as husband and wife That evening, under big white tends, guests sat down to toast the newlyweds.

This conversation, of course, led to the whole accent conversation.

The series started in 2007 with Coming Home and is continuing with the latest book: "A Summer to Remember".

The television series, filmed in High River, Alberta is about a 15-year-old girl named Amy Fleming living in the fictional town of Hudson, Alberta though the book series took place on a much smaller farm in Virginia.

Her family owns a horse ranch called Heartland, where they have a long tradition of healing horses.

The owners of Heartland attempt to help abused horses by using psychologically based therapies instead of rough handling or force.

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